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Re: Where do I go now to record programs ?


The response from BenMcr, a VM employee, simply repeated the party line and ignored the real issue.

To repeat, the fact that some of you are happy with an app to perform scheduling is utterly irrelevant. VM had a method that suited a lot of customers but, rather than resolve the problems with it, they simply dumped it for a far less acceptable method. Acceptable to some customers does not meet the grade, we all pay.

Once again frank_gm, you have hit the nail on the head! If I was running Virgin Media, it'd be people like you that I'd be listening to when it comes to suggestions for improvement. Boilerplate answers have their place but that place shouldn't be to make things easier for the company if it means customers are disadvantaged. In such cases, the right thing to do is to recognise the issue and work to resolve it.

This reminds me of all the posts from people asking how they can watch V6 box recorded content from their Windows laptops or set recording schedules for the V6 remotely. The all to common boilerplate reply is 'you can't', whereas a much more helpful reply would be to tell people This is functionality that's already present in the Android, Amazon and iOS versions of VM's TV Control apps and that the latter function used to be available via a browser until TV Go was released. An ideal response would then go into ways people could (and should) lobby for change to get the browser scheduling functionality reinstated and for those with Windows 10 and Amazon tablets, get VM to provide complete app support so both platforms have both TV Go and TV Control apps, anything else just doesn't make any sense.