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Virgin tv go incorrect username or password but it isn’t

Joining in

Hi there, I am trying to sign into virgin tv go for the first time but I keep getting a message saying my username or password are incorrect. They are correct and the login details work fine with my virginmedia app login.

Looks like same issue as djanm back in April. Support team reset their tv go profile and things worked fine.

Can this be done for me?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Davet6,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you're having signing into Tv Go. 

I can see you have already spoken with the team regarding this and they advised on getting this resolved. 

To confirm, have you tried resetting your password?


Hi Martin, we had tried to reset the password yesterday when I was speaking to the tech support person but there was a fault hence why she had passed it on. However I have gone in and reset my password today and the virgin tv go app now lets me sign in so looks like all fixed.

Thanks for the support, Dave

Hi @Davet6 thanks for getting back to us.

And thanks for confirming your issue appears to be resolved. Remember, if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand. Also, please bear in mind that our website offers lots of helpful information and also, you can manage your account from here.