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Virgin TVgo “not available” on PC using Chrome/Edge/Firefox

Joining in

Hi folks,

Watching the premier league game earlier (ful v Lee) on ipad no problems. Switched to pc and the video briefly plays (1-2 sec) then says “not available” Cleared caches etc and tried 3 browsers, no change. Had this a while ago and couldn’t find any solution, despite much searching, so ended up reinstalling windows 10. PC fairly good spec i5 & 8gb of ram. 

I also need to clear the registered device list as I’ve used them up trying to sort it out. 

it appears impossible to live chat/call VM directly, All help gratefully received 

Regards, Peter. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Peter! 👋 Welcome to community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about this issue whilst using TV Go! 
You can manage your registered devices for TV Go by following the  👉 How to use Virgin TV Go app | Virgin Media Help. You do need to keep cookies enabled on the devices you are using to access TV go to prevent the app thinking you are accessing via an alternative device and using up the 3 available changes per month. (You can have 5 devices registered in total). 

It would also be good to know;

1) if you have any kind of VPN running on the device you were trying to access TV Go using as this may also affect things. 

2) If you had closed down the stream / app on the Ipad ahead of making the swap (IE could the app believe you were trying to run it from multiple devices at the same time). 

Please let us know! We can then offer further support if needed. Thanks for your patience in the meantime 🌞



Hi Molly,

Thanks for your reply. No VPN in use on the pc. I had shut down the app on the iPad before using the pc (I thought you were allowed 2 concurrent streams?) so there was only 1 active stream. Cookies are enabled, but that doesn’t stop it using a new device for every browser on the pc, this is something I have experienced across several different pc’s over several years of using TVgo. 

What further solutions do you suggest? Many thanks for your attention to this problem. 

Regards, Peter. 

Hi @PetBak 👋.

Thanks for getting back in touch. We would like to invite you in for a private message. Just look out for the purple envelope (top right), and we can confirm a few details and look into this further for you.