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Virgin TV go app

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Does anyone else have issues with the app. Almost every time I try to watch on my iPad, it gives error messages saying either you are not connected to the home network (I always am) or change setting to Local Network (that is also on). I have to keep turning it off resetting wifi and can take ages before it eventually plays a programme. If I then pause for a reason it usually stops playing and I have to start the resetting all over.

I have also tried using different browsers, Google. Firefox, edge, safari etc no difference 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I have reported it several times and it manage to get an engineer out recently but although they tried to help it isn’t something they really deal with (really…😱) they reset hub told me to stop renaming it or giving new password but still no improvement.

this is such a shame as it’s a great app when it works; I much prefer to watch stuff on my iPad while my husband watches sport etc on TV.

when are virgin going to fix this? I’ve had the same issues even when I had TiVo box, now have 360 but no changes. Surely some guru at virgin must know how to fix this permanently 🥴😡

am I alone with this problem? 

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Yep yours did look different, maybe for hell of it try changing the box name, or see if they can provide you a 2nd box to test against. And/or try connecting the box to the hub by WiFi or cable to see if varies.

We’ve tried both those things. Sometimes it works if the TV is off but this doesn’t help if I want to watch something I’ve recorded when my husband is watching the tv. 🥴

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in short the issue, stuck unknown cpe ip, reoccurred today and required the 2nd vm box, which had been powered on but not being used, to be power cycled!! to get back to the app back to being useable again!


this morning the issue was back to square one. on ipad it required restarting the tv go app to get the cpe 1 ip address. on iphone it was even harder. nothing had changed. the 2nd box was in theory on and in standby, set to active startup, though not being used. and i guess as expected previously i wasn’t getting the cpe2 ip for the standby box.

restarted main vm box and ios devices, no change.

the mqtt status was still showing running. but for sake of it i powered off and on the standby vm box. now it seems to be back working as described previously. i was getting both cpe ip addresses. 

now the 2nd box is back in standby i just get the main cpe1 ip, but i am now getting it.

this handshaking is so flaky surely it must be happening in a lab somewhere?

i also wonder why, when not working, the ssdp status shows as ‘not attempted’ surely that is the time it should be trying to find networked devices

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This issue has been dragging on for way too long.

A quick and simple workaround would be to allow us to manually enter an IP address until this bug is fixed….!

maybe, though an observation i made to them was as follows.

usually when i go to play a saved programme first thing in the morning, when the cpe ip is unknown, i get an option to ‘connect’ then initially may get the not in local network error but try to play again and it generally works ok.  the issue is when it just immediately says not in local network and doesn’t appear to try to get the cpe ip.  why not pop up the ‘connect’ option everytime, it may help.

i just don’t get the feeling that anything’s happening behind the scenes. i was just given option to replace the boxes and couldn’t get any developer comments.

luckily for me, with the 2 vm boxes, the box renaming works most of the time.

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Don’t chnage the boxes, it just doesn’t make any difference. Something needs to be done behind the scenes but as you say; unlikely anything is happening or why is it taking so long. Years now. 🤷‍♀️😡😡