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Virgin TV Go on Android TV Box

I can plus my laptop into a TV via HDMI and watch TV Go and Sky Sports on a larger screen like that.

But has anyone been able to install the Apps on one of those Android TV boxes and view them via this. And if so is the resolution ok and formatting seeing as the apps are more applicable to a mobile phone

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Re: Virgin TV Go on Android TV Box

Hi @archercj 

I've installed both TVGo and the Sky Sports apps on an X96 box (had to sideload them) and the picture quality is OK, however the two big issues are signing in and navigating the apps, even using  mouse.


I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Re: Virgin TV Go on Android TV Box

Hi all

Spoke to Virgin who claim it can only run on mobile devices which is fine. Their Indian support explained this small unknown approach.

So I bought a Xiaomi MI Tv 4k for £89 on Prime, and a small Android keyboard mouse pad to control the app. As Virgin TV Go hasn’t been mapped for non touch screen use, the keyboard is required.

it’s fine and runs well on a 65inch 4K screen. 

It must be side loaded though which is easy enough to do. Simply download a Downloader app from the App Store and then open a browser to find the Virgin TV Go APK. Copy the link of the file. Then paste it into Downloader app and run it. Once installed, the app icon only appears in system apps. So slightly annoying that you can add a shortcut to it. 


To access the system Sepp, simply fo to the App menu / settings and you’ll see it.


very easy

We’ve installed it on 6 Android devices now saving a fortune on multi room subscriptions.


Great advice Virgin!