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Virgin TV Go “Not Allowed” error

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Hi, I had my Virgin 360 boxes installed around April/May and up until just last week I have never been able to watch live TV or record on them, only access apps and streaming services. 
On the fifth visit engineer visit last week, he spoke to someone who he said would know how to fix it, and within 5 minutes it was on (apparently there was something missing from the provisioning of the account, some acronym beginning with D, DLE or DNEL or something along those lines) so that’s fine, however during this entire thing I’ve never been able to access the Virgin TV Go app. I assumed it was because of the same error my account was having, it wouldn’t let me sign in (would get an error saying Not Allowed oops service isn’t available) but I would occasionally get signed in briefly for it to just say “to view this channel you need to upgrade to a tv package” so it was as though it didn’t recognise my account as having a tv package..

now when I try to sign in I’m just getting “Not Allowed: Oops - the service isn’t available at the moment. Try again in a few minutes.” Every single time. I have tried on every different device I have in the house, mobile, laptops with all different browsers, Apple, android, tried the web version, absolutely nothing. I have reset my password, deleted and re-installed the app, I have tried every single fix I have read about and I’m getting nowhere.

I have contacted customer service multiple times regarding my issues and mentioned the app problem every single time and I just keep getting told they have escalated it to technical but they’ve been unable to fix it so it’s being escalated to an area manager, then a couple weeks go by and I hear nothing so I ring back and they tell me that technical can’t help and that they will escalate it to an area manager and so on and so forth. It was going to be escalated at least 4 or 5 times, obviously never was. The last person I spoke to said “you’ve had your equipment for months, why are you just calling us now..?” which revealed a level of miscommunication and sheer incompetence that made my soul want to leave my body.

On top of this, the fix that sorted my main 360 box does not seem to have fixed my secondary box, it still doesn’t have live tv. 
can someone please help me even just to fix my Virgin tv go app access please, I can ask the engineer to contact that guy who knows what he’s doing to fix my secondary box if that can’t be done by anyone here.

please, for the love of god. just let me watch telly.

thank you.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @emcdubb,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the update.

Sorry to hear that your issue with your TV boxes is not fully resolved, I would like to look into this deeper with you so that we can go about sorting this issue out, I will be sending you a quick private message shortly.


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I have still heard nothing in regards to this.

it seems that Virgin do not bother taking action unless I call them and request it, well I’m sick to the back teeth of requesting it. I want to watch live tv on my second box and I’m not phoning again to be stuck on hold for ages for them to come back and say “we’ll send an engineer” or we’ll pass it on to the imaginary department that only exists to get people like you off the phone” 

please. Get my tv working. Nigel checked the provisioning on my account; seen the line of code that was missing and fixed it instantly with my main box (I sadly can’t get hold of him now to fix my second box) but it took him less than 60 seconds, he said the DEHL or DHE (or some combination of those letters as an acronym) was missing, he added it and and worked instantly. 

I am beyond caring about the app now, I mean I SHOULD have access to it, and that needs to be addressed too, but get my TV working so I can watch Live TV on my second box.

Hi emcdubb,

Thank you for reaching back out, please can you expand a little on what you mean by wanting to watch live TV on your 2nd box in regards to the issue with TV Go?



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In my original post I explained I hadn’t been able to watch live tv on either of my 360 boxes since they were installed back in march/April.. my main box was fixed in seconds when an engineer called his manager who said there was a line of code missing from the provisioning details on the account (some acronym beginning with D, DNLE or DLEN or something along those lines) which he added and my live channels on my main box worked instantly, however we later found that the second box still wasn’t getting live channels. (We didn’t check at the time, we assumed the fix would apply to both) so we still have no live tv on our second box and I still can’t access tv go. I just seen to have a multitude of issues since getting this whole package installed and I’m still paying the full amount every month even though the only service I’ve had is broadband. I can access apps that I subscribe to on my tv boxes but if that’s all they’re good for I’d be as well using a NowTV stick or firestick and get the same service for free, since I still have no live tv on the second box and can’t record on it either, only stream apps. I just need someone to do whatever that guy done, he said it was such an easy fix and actually done it whilst the engineer was on the phone, took him less than 60 seconds and the live channels came on the main box instantly. I only wish we had thought to check the second box at the time too.

Thanks for coming back to us emcdubb, I can see that you have spoken to the team and have been able to arrange a technician visit to resolve the issues that you're having.

Please let us know how the visit goes.

Kind Regards,


On our wavelength

Hi Steven

thanks for responding so quickly, yes I managed to get through using WhatsApp and they have arranged an engineer visit for tomorrow.

the engineer themselves can’t actually do anything, but I was fortunate enough to get one last time who knew the guy (possibly his manager) who would be able to fix it, so I’m hoping I get him again!

I will definitely post an update tomorrow and let you know how it goes!

I will ask what the actual process is as I’ve noticed a few people with the same issue so perhaps if I’m able to describe what the problem is that he is able to resolve so quickly it may help someone further down the line!

fingers crossed, thanks again


Thanks for coming back to us emcdubb. 

Yes please that would be great, so that any other forum members with similar issues will be able to get the help that they need.

Kind Regards,