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Virgin TV Go - Maximum Devices Reached

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Hello All

We seem to be having some issues with the Virgin TV Go service.
We have registered a Windows 10 PC & a Windows 10 Laptop as our 2 devices.

Accessing SkySports channels is fine, but when trying to view anything on Virgin TV Go we are informed that this is a new device and cannot be registered as we already have 2 active devices.

We are using the exact same machines as when both were originally registered.
This happened on Saturday on the PC, so we used our allotted change to re-register the PC, which worked for that day, but when trying on Monday the same message appeared: “CAN'T REGISTER THIS DEVICE
You have reached the maximum number of devices you can stream with. You can use one of the already registered devices or register a new”

We have cleared the browser settings etc, but this has had no effect.
We are logging in successfully via Microsoft Edge, which we originally registered the devices with.

After checking through the forums, someone advised that using the Windows 10 app would be a better option, which we have now installed.

We are now having some problems contacting Virgin however (Online Chat seems offline at the moment and we are struggling to get through to speak to someone).

The issue is we are not sure why this keeps refusing to use the devices we have already registered.
Has anyone else had any similar issues?

Many Thanks



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Hi Allybongo,


Sorry to hear you're having the same problem.


I'll pop you over a PM now so I can help 🙂






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Hello - i am having the same issue, and it even says that im on the "current device" when i check and i want to watch from - but wont let me do anything? Help?

Hello admarting679, thank you for your post and a warm welcome to our community.  I am sorry to hear you cannot access our TV GO.

Please could you let me know what phone are you trying to watch it from and is the app all updated?

I would also please check if your phone is currently got the latest software downloaded to if not please update it and try TV Go.

Also TV Go can have a maximum of five phones on it, you don't have more than five accounts registered to this do you? Also if you have recently bought a phone or upgraded and downloaded TV GO your old phone will be registered to TV GO. 

Please do let me know. Thanks

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Smiffy1968, I was going to watch the Solihull Moors Versus Grimsby Town live football match on BT Sport 1HD but was told I have you have reached the maximum number of devices to my account. I had watched other live football games but as of today I know have to wait until July the 1st, to view Virgin TV Go but today is only the 5th of June. This Re: Virgin TV Go - Maximum Devices Reached  Forum was first started on the 6th of March, 2018, which means Virgin Media have had over 4 years to fix this problem but the don't seem to really care if it works or not. Maybe try something really outrageous and just give your paying customers unlimited access to Virgin TV Go or maybe more than 3 changes. Should never have got rid of the Virgin TV Go app for windows, it worked brilliantly and I had no problems. In this household, I am the only person who watches Virgin TV Go and frankly I do wonder if it is worth it. Paul. 

Thanks for coming back to us @Smiffy1968. There is no issue to fix, the system only allows up to 4 devices and if you try to add another you will be stopped and get that message.

Do you clear your cache and cookies, when you close your browser down? If you do, this will create a new device, when you next log in as that is the way the system works. More information about this can be found here.

I will also be sure to pass on your feedback about the TV go services to the concerned teams.



Hi, my problem is similar to the posts here. Suddenly yesterday TV GO on my PC started to say I need to register device. Attempts to re-register failed and now it's saying maximum number of devices reached. Could you please reset my devices as well? Thank you in advance.

Hello naz_sul, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community. I am sorry to see you have reached the maximum number of devices for TV GO.

I can certainly look into this for you as TV GO is limited to 5 devices. 

I will send you a PM, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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To Steven_L from @Smiffy1968, thank you for telling me that there is no issue to fix, the system only allows up to 4 devices and if you try to add another you will be stopped and get that message. As I said before, I am the only person in the household (myself, my partner and our daughter) that watches anything on Virgin TV Go. I have a Dell Desktop PC and use Mozilla Firefox browser, always have done.I started watching the Nations League matches but I lost all three changes this month on the same PC. I always clear the cache and cookies when I close Mizolla Firefox browser down. You don't need to reply to this, Paul.

Hi Smiffy1968, 

Thanks for coming back to the Forums. 

When clearing the cache and cookies on your browser, it can remove the registration due to it acting like a new device. This will cause the device to be re-registered. When you hit the maximum spaces it will then give you the error. 

If you continue to delete the cache and cookies on the browser then the same thing will continue to happen. 

If you have any further issues, pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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Smiffy1968, I thought I would ask, if there was any chance of having my devices reset. I know I shouldn't and I will understand if you say no. Paul.