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Virgin TV Go, Firefox/Chrome

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Why is it Virgin TV Go never works??

It constantly either tells you sorry you have to replace your device or says 'Not available - sorry, we can't play this at the moment'. In the meantime, BBC-ITV-Channel 4-Channel 5-Britbox-Netflix-Prime Video and a host of others all just work...flawlessly.

I truly believe the service is fundamentally flawed and/or has some serious code/design issues, yet again it is the first of the month and I have pretty much used up all my device changes already trying to get it to play anything without success whatsoever, as with last month and the month before. 

We live in an age where people watch more stuff on internet enabled devices than ever, teenagers and school-moms are broadcasting from their living rooms and yet one of the premium tech companies of the age can't run a simple streaming service for it's customers. I've ready all the suggestions over and over, none of it works, and also by the way, why shouldn't I clear my cache if I want to? Privacy and security is everything these days and the aforementioned all seem to cope alright thank you very much. I love the faux surprise in here too, all the "I'm sorry this isn't working for you have tried a link to our help page?'.

Anyway, good luck with it all, I'm off to the other side where dial-up and stuttering service are a distant memory, let's all pop back this time next month when we get our device changes refreshed and play again.





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Just a thought...maybe you could get johnnyMinecraftkid3157964 to stream it all for you?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi robertfb,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting. 

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue when using the TV Go service, we will do all we can to help. 

You have mentioned having to use your device changes, does this mean that the service works on some devices and not others? If so can you please confirm the devices you have the problem with and also if they are up to date on software?

Is the problem occurring on the TV Go app or browser please? If it is the app, can you please try removing the app completely including any saved data on device and then reinstall it?

Let us know how you get on. 




Hello Nat,

I come back each month and try to get it to work in Firefox (currently 102.12.0esr 964-bit)) on Linux (specifically, Slackware). This month I also tried Chromium, but no go. Every now and then it will work for a couple of days but then it just goes back to either sorry we can't play it or I need to change my device, I then have to wait a whole month to try again.

I have been told not to clear my browser cache but I'm not sure why I should be told that, no-one else seems to rely on controlling their users browsers this way. I do this, and yes, I may have to login to Channel 4 or Netflix again, but the streaming service stil operates. It works on my iPhone fine, it's my PC where it won't but then I hardly watch anything on my phone, mostly it's on the computer - I only really put it on my phone to see if it worked.

I follow the Slackware changelog daily and keep everything up to date, there's no issues playing anything other than Virgin Media.

This all makes me think there's something wrong with your streaming service...there's this weird device change thing for a start  - if there's a maximum number of devices you can use then why even limit the doesn't even make sense, I could change it 100 times in a month but still only have three devices connected). No-one else seems to worry about what I'm watching on - and the insistence on controlling my browser cache. It's almost like a paranoia about getting ripped off, I'm sure you get by well enough money-wise not to be worrying about this.

Anyway thanks, for looking in Nat, I thought maybe I should reply but I'm stuck til 30th June at the moment anyway - I know you can reset these things but to be honest I probably shan't bother with it any more so don't worry too much. I'm watching the baseball on MLB-TV at the momnet anyway and there's plenty more else out there. Thanks though.


Robert FB

Hi robertfb,

Thanks for coming back to us. I can understand your frustrations with this, I honestly can. It doesn't sound like anything you're doing that's causing this and that there's just some sort of issue somewhere.

We rely on cookies to identify which devices have already been recognised and which haven't, so this will be why you've been advised not to clear them. Of course, security comes first, so if you wish to clear your cache and cookies that's not a problem at all. But if you have been doing so, this may be why you've been asked to re-register your device again.

I've popped you over a PM so we can look into getting an IT Ticket raised for you.



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Thank you Beth, I'm not too worried by it but maybe if I raise a ticket there's something they spot that can help everyone