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Virgin TV Go App not letting me sign in

Joining in


I've been trying to log in to the Virgin TV Go App, however whenever I attempt to do so it says 'Sorry, you can't use a email address, please choose a different email.'

Can anyone help me with a solution please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello MJ7.

Thanks for your first post and welcome to our Community.
Sorry to hear you are having an issue with our Tv Go App.

Can I just ask if you have been able to log in before with your email address?

Are you using the same email as the one you log in to your online account with?

Look forward to your reply.



Hi Gareth,

It's the first time I've attempted to log in to virgin tv go.

And yes, it's the same email address I use to log into my online account.

Thanks MJ7.

Are you presented with different email addresses you've registered before as options, or are you asked to enter a different email address?

If the latter, we'd have to advise setting up a new email address and inputting this when trying to sign in.

Kind regards