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Virgin TV GO website now not working on Mac Safari 13

Joining in

Hi, first time poster, apologies for the long post in advance.

I have a Mac mini that I've been using to view VirginTVGO through the website for the last couple of years successfully.

I've been trying to find a way to resolve this but nothing seems to work.

I now get a red screen with the VirginMedia logo on but cannot get past this to the login page or the virgin TVGO whats on screens

On the same machine, I've installed Firefox, but the video is jerking (safari was mostly smooth), makes me feel sick watching it, so on same machine I can watch sort of, ( is the website for both brewers.

No updates are available and no updates recently installed, Safari updated in 2020 when update was available (as my OS is not supported anymore I have all the latest updates).

I've cleared cache and history.

Device was registered, but since this started a few weeks ago I had no registered devices, I cannot register Safari as I cannot get to the logon screen, Firefox is registered and so is my android phone, and TVGO app works on there (had to register these to be able to view).

Been on to VirginMedia for help, they've basically said its your browser and thats all the help I got,  As said it was working 3 weeks ago, but two weeks ago only get as far as the logo.

Mac mini mid 2011       macOS High Serra, version 10.13.6.        2.5GHz i5,       16GB ram.       Safari version 13.1.2

Hope someone can help


Hi tianorth, 

Thanks for sticking with us on this one. 

Taking a look at things this end, I can see the previous fault has since been resolved so if things still aren't working for you then it would be down to the device. 

As mentioned by Molly earlier in the thread, the issues you're having are likely due to the operating system you are running being no longer being supported. I can see she suggested some software will be out of date to support streaming video via the TV GO site. Sadly we would not be able to offer any further support with this.

Apologies once again. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath

I glad you think this is resolved, but if you read the full thread, it isn't.

Now for some inapplicable reason, at the start of last month my system was able to watch virgin tv go using safari and had done for well over the last year, but something changed, and its not my system as no updates have been done, yet its apparently my system thats at fault, even though I've downloaded Firefox and opera which I can use (and are using) to view as an interim solution, but its my OS thats the issue.

Here's the kicker, I'm still using the same OS, with different web browsers, so obviously its not my OS thats the issue, but something that has changed at your end, which no one is telling me what has changed, between 1 weekend and the next weekend.

The only thing I'm being told is its due to my OS not being supported.

Yet my not supported OS is still able to view virgin tv go (only change to system) is via additional 2 web browsers.

Safari is the recommended browser for macOS, and due to this the playback of streaming videos is smoother, where as Firefox and opera are jerky.

I hope you can see how frustrating this is as I've done nothing, but am expected to accept its my issue, when something has changed at your end, by virginmedia changing something.

Please let us know what changed and why (its the why that is not usually explained in detail).

Many thanks


Thank you for reaching out.

As you know with MAC OS, they don't last forever once they start releasing updates etc and then sometimes issues like this will arise. 

What OS are you on, it is most likely an outdated one which doesn't support this anyone, its like iPhone when you get them they only last a few years before the IOS operating software no longer allows you to download app as its outdated.

I would always recommend Google Chrome , I am avid user of Apple myself and I never use Sarai. 

Matt - Forum Team

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