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VM telly tablet running android 7 Sky Sports no App

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Have done a factory reset due to telly tablet problems. TV Go is working fine but cannot access Sky Sports APP. Google Play Store states "Your Device isn't compatible with this version" and doesn't even provide an install option. Anyone any ideas. Sky told me to contact Virgin Media .

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Sadly @lynda59, this looks like an issue that primarily needs to be directed to Sky as it would be their application and ultimately content that you're struggling with.


I'd also have to advise that sadly our team on the Forums are unable to issue technical support with the Telly Tablets, but you are welcome to follow this link for our online assistance


Kindest regards,


Thank you for your reply David. I will go back to Sky



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The telly tablet, in my opinion, is a very good tablet, that up to recently met my needs. But over the last few months it has been let down by either software updates or lack of software updates. Firstly there was the problem with a virus related problem, but giving virgin there fair dues, they did sort it out, but perhaps it could of been avoided if virgin had been kept the tablet upto date with its software.

Secondly as many others have commented, there is the ongoing problem with the sky sports app. This is one of the main uses of the tablet for me, as I watch the sports quite a lot. The tablet meets all the criteria for downloading the app, but the sky app sees the telly tablet as incompatible! It looks again like a software issue either from sky's end or from virgins. All I ask is that the software engineers get this sorted and provide access to the app once again. 

Alternatively another solution would be to access the sky sports channels directly through the Virgin go app, and so by doing this you can bypass  the sky sports app  completely.  Hopefully virgin will look into this. They did it with sky cinema, so it could be possible with the sports.

Sky sports is available on the web, but unfortunately you can't log in using a virgin account. So frustrating!

I've been in contact with Sky through their web address on the app. The feedback from them is that the app now requires a later version of Android (still waiting for them to tell me exactly which version is required). Unfortunately this means that unless Virgin update the OS on the tablet (very unlikely) this app will no longer work.

On the plus side if you've got a V6 box you can record whatever you want to watch and then stream it to the tablet using the TV Control app (from My Shows). A bit clunky but at least I can still watch stuff in the kitchen while I cook the Sunday roast!

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Hi all, 

Did this get sorted out? My tablet has just lost the app and will not install a new one from the Play Store. Have also tried it on a new tablet running Android 10 and get exactly the same compatibility issue.



Hey Tyzot, thank for reaching out today. I am sorry to hear your tablet will not download the app.

How old is the tablet?, It could not be compactable will the app anymore. 

Have you also made sure your tablet has the latest software update on it? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @Tyzot 

As far as I'm aware there have been no tellytablet updates since the following, and since it's now discontinued I wouldn't expect any more updates.

Model Number: VM_MD_001
Android Version: 7.0
Android security patch level: 5 January 2018
Kernel Version: 3.18.35 lxg@iot-svr #1 Thu May 17 17:13:00 HKT 2018
Build Number: LF141.N0.V30.24.RC-V03
Custom build version: ROCO-2017-08-01

According to the skysports app in google play store it requires Android  version 7.0 and above, so it should stlll run on both your tellytablet and your other tablet. 

The latest android sky sports app version is 8.28.0 (279) which runs on my Galaxy Tab A (SM-T515) Android 11.

One of the older versions may still work, which you might be able to sideload such as version 8.26.1 or 8.27.0 if you google the apk

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The odd thing is that it works on a 7” tablet running Android 10 but not a new 14” tablet running Android 10 or the 14” Virgin Telly Tablet running Android 7.0

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It is very odd. I have a 7” tablet running Android 10 that works ok. But two 14” tablets, one on Android 10 and a Virgin Telly Tablet using Android 7 that do not work. I have tried the latest versions of the app and also managed to try older versions without success. I can’t understand why only the smaller tablet will now run the app.

Thank you for keeping us updated Tyzot.

I have taken a look on our side and I can see you have spoken with the team regarding this. 

Have they been able to advise further on this?