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Unable to sign into Virgin TV Control app

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I have been trying to sign into my TV control app without success and am getting a repeated message to say that my email or password is incorrect.

I had a problem with my ntlworld email account on Friday and had to re-set my password.  When I was doing this, I was also asked to re-set my email address to sign into My Virgin Media, and changed this to my LineOne address.  My email is now working fine with the new password I was given.  However, I've now tried every combination of email addresses/passwords that I can think of, and I cannot sign into the TV control app.   I've tried signing in with my ntlworld email address and the new account password that was generated on Friday, my LineOne email address and the new password, both email addresses with my old Virgin Media password, and am clearly doing something stupid.  I've also deleted and reinstalled the app.  

I've also just tried to change my account email address back to my ntlworld address in my settings, but got a message to say that an ntlworld email address can't be used.  

I should be very grateful for any suggestions please!


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I've just changed my password once again, and have been able to log into the app again.   Problem solved!

Thanks for posting your question and resolution this this Growlybear 😁

Sorry that you had some issues recently with your email & TV Control App, but we're glad you managed to get it solved in the end. 

If you do need further help with your TV Control App I have a link here which goes into more detail about any issues you may experience 👉 TV Control App.

Anything else you need help with, just create a new post and we'll be along to help as soon as possible 😁