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Unable to log into Tvgo

I would like to thank ALL forum members for trying to assist me (including those on Twitter) with the ongoing issues that I have experienced since rejoining Virgin from Sky in July of this year.

Initially, my blueyonder email was disabled for apparent security reasons. It took over 2 weeks to get this addressed and rectified. On the advice of a forum team member, I know permanently use my iCloud account that was changed by the team. I still can’t access emails on the VM Email page. Apparently, my problems are compounded because I’m using Apple devices and the problems can’t be addressed as iCloud is a third party email, despite the fact that I was asked if I could try and log in with my husbands gmail account! Surely that’s a 3rd party email too. My head hurts listening to this absolute drivel that the IT spill out rather than admit they haven’t a clue why I’m getting these problems.

Since rejoining, I’ve never been able to sign into TvGo or Tv Store despite numerous password changes, device resets, cache resets, uninstalling/reinstalling the app, trying the browser on a variety of search engines. I’ve lost count of the amount of different screenshots I’ve sent or discussed with the IT team on the telephone. I’ve followed all of both the forum team and customer support advice and instructions, but unfortunately am still unable to access the apps. I’m aware that the T&C’s claim that’s it’s included in your package, thus not eligible for a refund due to loss of service. However, I deliberately chose the ultimate package in order to be able to watch ALL channels on the app or watch films on the Store as I’m disabled with cancer too and following my numerous hospital procedures/operations, rely heavily on an easier way of watching tv and/or using my device as a remote as it’s easier due to my dexterity problems. I also rely on a fully working telephone service in case of emergency or hospital phone calls to me. My consultants email me too, which caused HUGE problems when I lost my email, resulting in my missing a vital MRI scan appointment time change. They hospital also couldn’t get through on the telephone as they often do too. Not good at all.

At the weekend, my TV screen went blank when I tried to change channels. The remote wouldn’t work. I spoke with the online help team who apparently sent a signal to my box, but it still didn’t rectify the problems. I was then told it would cost me £10 for a replacement remote control. I challenged this and ‘on this occasion the fee will be waived’. Hmmm. No other advice was given. I decided that I nothing to lose by doing a complete factory reset on the set top box, router and my tv. This as you can imagine took quite a while. I read up online on how to reset the tv remote using by pressing the TV/0 and or the TV/Rewind buttons as directed. Bingo! Problem solved, tv working together with the remote control.

On Monday of this week, I was making a landline call. The line was very crackly and I couldn’t hear the caller, but they could hear me! After around an hour, the phones now work although two calls failed to get through on Wednesday morning as the phone didn’t ring. Obviously, I’ve checked my BT call minder settings to ensure they calls weren’t blocked and checked the volume.

An engineer came on Wednesday as the team could see on diagnostics that there was a tv fault (which I assumed explained the weekends issues). It’s still showing as a tv fault on the service status despite the engineer not finding any fault with any of the equipment. He couldn’t find any reason as to why my internet intermittently drops off, my phone intermittently doesn’t work as like the tv and tv remote. Therefore, he wasn’t allowed to replace my hardware devices. He promised me a call back after he had spoken with his line manager to get the go ahead to install new equipment. I haven’t had the call. Much like the customer service teams that don’t call back as promised.

Yesterday afternoon, VM called to find out why I couldn’t access my blueyonder email!!!!! A bit late as this was addressed in early August!  We did discuss Tvgo issues, again I did the requested switch on/off etc etc etc. still no TvGo or tv store sign in possible.

Well, as a result of these continuing problems since rejoining VM in July, I’VE HAD ENOUGH! I’ve had ongoing issues at some time or another with every single service that I’m paying for. Some of them may be intermittent, but it’s still inconvenienced me in that I spend much of my days either on this forum trying to get help, on the phone to the (lack of) customer service/IT team or engineer visits which I think total 4 +, so far since rejoining in July. Interestingly, the engineer still has my original blueyonder and account details on his system, not the current ones!

I called for the second time to cancel my subscription. Yesterday, I was advised to call back as VM system was down (you couldn’t write the script could you)? I was also put through to the fault team AGAIN in a last ditch attempt to rectify ALL of these problems. No change I’m sad to say. After the call to address the blueyonder issue, I felt even more disillusioned. I called to cancel AGAIN. The advisor fully understood and agreed that I shouldn’t have to pay the early termination fee (which I’m not, why should I when I’m not getting uninterrupted access to the services I’m paying for)? He also said that I howeverevr be looking at an EDC of between £600-700. I corrected him in saying that top fee potentially charged would be no more than £240. He wasn’t aware of this! I thought after going through this whole debacle with him that my contract would therefore be cancelled but NO! He put me through to the cancellation team who had no idea why I was cancelling even though he said that he would explain the situation to them. He clearly didn’t. I then had another 57minute debate with the advisor as to why I’m leaving VM and why I don’t feel that I should pay ANY EDC. Apparently, it’s in my contract that I HAVE to pay, yet my contract with VM shows that I’m paying over £90 per month for services that are inconsistent. Apparently I don’t have any rights as a customer.

Eventually, the senior person to the advisor miraculously appeared on the line despite me asking to speak with someone senior. He was very polite, but has told me that I have to pay or give VM yet another chance to investigate and rectify my service issues! He then put me through to the fault team smh! It’s like Groundhog Day. I’ll let them have their 30 days to investigate as advised, however nothing has been rectified in 30 weeks so I doubt they will solve the issues. They could again last night.

Nonethless, I’m off. Sky is being installed on Jan 4th. I already have immediate access to Sky Go (a godsend to me) and my telephone and broadband is being connected on Dec 31st.

My question is , WOULD ANY OF YOU READING THIS SHAMBLES, PAY FOR EARLY TERMINATION FOLLOWING THIS SEQUENCE OF EVENTS? Am I being unreasonable? I’ll contact the Communications Ombudsman for their opinion if VM still insist that I pay to leave. I’ll also be emailing VM chief executive for his thoughts on this sorry state of affairs.

However, A MASSIVE THANK YOU FOR ALL WHO HAVE TRIED TO HELP ON THIS FORUM. I wish you all well, and I also wish the numerous others who have similar and same problems as myself, GOOD LUCK! Just so you know (lol), I’m paying Sky HALF what I’m paying VM for the same package for 18months! 



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Re: Unable to log into Tvgo

Hi again Dianna,

Sorry to see you are leaving and I completely understand your reasons.

Before you go can I please raise two points?

To make things easier for yourself it may be an idea to ask Sky to port your landline number across to them. That way you won't need to update people and the NHS etc with your new number. The VM account needs to be active for this happen including the 30 days noticce period, however thsi shouldn't be an issue as Sky isn't being installed until 4th January.

Also you VM/Blueyonder email addresses should only be active for 3 months once your cancellation completes ( VM do get this wrong sometimes and keep the email addresses open but don't count on this) so it may be worth your while informing and transferring any contacts from the VM address over to your iCloud account, or the new one you will be setting up with Sky. Speaking of which, Sky don't close down your email address when you leave them, although there's nothing to say that won't change in the future.

I wish you better luck with your new provider and all the best going forward.


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Re: Unable to log into Tvgo

Thanks for your advice. In some respects the ordeal with VM has taught me much. I’m already using my iCloud account and have ceased using blueyonder. I’ve already said that I want to keep my number too. 
thanks again, I’m sorry too but enough is enough. Take care and Merry Christmas 🎅 

best wishes