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Unable to access recordings

On our wavelength




Hello Sheffield2023vi 

Can you please take a look at the instructions posted here 

Please let us know how you get on.


Don’t get why I have to split my Internet for it to work 

surely there is a quick fix

it messed up all my connected devices 

i left it a few weeks as I got fed up and still not working 

please help asap


We understand the frustration, this is the work around for the issue and although changes to your home network can interrupt already established connections you should only need to reset these once.



This didn’t work and I still can’t access recordings on my iPad or iPhone 

Hi @Sheffield2023vi 


Thanks for your post


So just to check, the bands are now split between the 2.4 and 5? 



Forum Team

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I’ve tried to do this but lost all connection with other devices which is a pain 

surely there is something else 

Thanks for coming back to us Sheffield2023vi and I'm sorry that your issues are continuing. Is the device that you are trying to watch your recordings on connected to the same WiFi band as your TV box? If you are still getting the error message, please can you send a screenshot with the error and the time, so we can pass this to the support to look into further?

Kind Regards,