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Tv go

Tuning in

Hi virgin

The new windows tv go app (Oct 11) is not working properly 

1. where is channel 5 on the list of channels you can search for C5 programming but the channel is missing

2. the list of channels doesn’t allow you to page down on windows 11 so you can’t get to bottom of list



Tuning in

 Microsoft edge version of new tv go app is not working any option you click on you get following now on the tv go app I have on windows it works better but ip/down functionality isn’t working please fix asap


Hello S06622.

Thank you vertymuch for your post and also bring the fault with our TvGo App not working on Edge.

Can I send you a private message to get your account details please.

That way we can feed this back, investigate and fix the fault.

Does this happen on any other web browsers?

If you can check your logo at the  top right of your screen for a private message that would be great.