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Tv freezing just during ads

Joining in

Hi! My service user is having an issue with his tv. It keeps freezing only on a couple of channels for about a second. It happens during advertisements. We’ve tried to speak to VM about it 4-5 times and we’ve basically followed all the basics steps (connection checks, resets, cable changes etc.). We were told it’s a tv resolution issue but the channels are still freezing despite us changing it, still during ads. What could we do about this issue? Thank you in advance


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello, edrin88.
Welcome to the VM community and thank you for your first post here. 🙂
Nice to have you on board with us on our help forums!

Sorry to see you're having TV issues currently, could you please tell us if there are any area faults relating to TV and picture issues (such us pixelating or freezing) showing here that can explain this?

Also, could you tell us what TV box you have and which channels you've found to have this issue?

Share more on the above and we're eager to help, cheers.

Forum Team

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