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Tv Go missing content

Tuning in

Hi Virgin

yesterday’s episode (13) season 14 of NCUS LIS ANGELES has still not been loaded to tv go. Can this be sorted ASAP.

SWAT which is shown just before NCIS was loaded yesterday correctly.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi S06622


Thanks for posting in regards to NCIS Los Angeles content missing from TV Go, we appreciate you raising this.


From checking this via TV Go, we can see a notification stating this episode is only available via TV as noted on image for the episode?



Tuning in

Hi virgin NCIS LA season 14 episode 13 is still missing from tv go since last Sunday. It is available on TiVo please can you fix it on tv go ASAP

On our wavelength

It is so annoying as the last series and storyline is very good. They need to get a grip on this as so slow to fix these issues yet expect us to put up with extortionate price rises!

Hi S06622,

I can see my colleague answered this for you on your previous post here


This doesn’t make any sense to me. The first 12 episodes are all available on tv go app for NCIS LA season 14. I only watch it on app. Why is one episode only available on tv only. No doubt episode 14 will be available come this Sunday. 

Thanks for coming back to us S06622, this is usually down to the agreement that we have with the content provider.

Kind Regards,


6 days after broadcast the episode finally appears on tv go. 

Hi @S06622,

Thank you for the update. I do apologise for the delay and inconvenience with this, but I'm glad to hear that this is now sorted for you.

Please do let us know if there's anything more that we can assist you with.


Zach - Forum Team
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