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Tv Go, Tv control and Sky sports app log-in errors

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All three of the apps do not recognise the log in information from the main account.

This happened in the past, was partly resolved with TV Go, but has now reverted to all three not working. The MyVirginMedia app works fine, and the credentials are the same.

I have deleted the apps, re-installed, cleared cache's etc. and still receive the same error. This is across Iphone (ios 15) and on a Windows laptop (tried on Chrome and Edge browsers).

Thanks in advance,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Anvildon, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you cannot access your TV GO.

Have you gone over the allowed allowance by any chance?

I am also going to send you a PM, so we can look into this for you.

Please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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Joining in

Writing as this is still not resolved, despite the best attempts of the Forum_Team member.

I have been told it is due to too many devices being registered, but a reset of my log-in to manage devices on my system by the forum team didn't appear to work and gave me the same error messages: Virgin TVGO says: "Username or password incorrect. Please retry and click the box below to prove you are not a robot". TV Control says: "We're sorry, we're having trouble signing into your account. Please check your username and password and try again. Sky sports says "There was an unexpected error"

It seems IT need to be involved (to reset my log-in I presume?? Cannot be three months of difficulty!?) and keep closing this as resolved when it is not. The most recent ticket from over a month ago was: P011554460

Can anyone please assist??




Hi Anvildon,

Thanks for the update on this. I'm sorry to hear things still remain unresolved in regard to your TV:GO issue. I can see you've popped a message back to one of our team - they will be able to continue assisting you further with this.


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece, 

The contact to another member of your forum team was for a different error (to keep subjects independent).

This is still outstanding, with no further development.



Hi Anvildon, thanks for the message and welcome back to the forums. 

Can you confirm what error message you are currently getting and if changing the password helps? 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Hi Chris,

Error messages were as before. I have since changed the password and the new error messages are:

 Virgin TVGO says: "Something went wrong. Please try again later"

TV Control says: "We're sorry, we're having trouble signing into your account. Please check your username and password and try again

Sky sports says "An unknown error has occured"


Many apologies for the issues faced Anvildon,

Can I ask regarding the apps, is this happening on all devices?

Let us know,



yes, across all devices.

One is an iPhone, and the other a Windows laptop.

I have also tried the Virgin TVGo on a browser to sign in and same issue.


Hi there @Anvildon


Thank you so much for popping back to us and I am so sorry to hear that this issue has been ongoing! 


I'm going to pop you a PM so we can continue to look into this a little closer, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message


Thank you