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Things I am struggling to understand...

Things I am struggling to understand...

- why this sub-accounts log in issue ever arose.
- why a ticket was raised for it on Saturday, service status updated, then ticket closed hours later without anything being done.
- why some people having this problem are being told here that VM are working on it, and to wait for a resolution.
- why others are having unique tickets raised, and in some cases their problem being fixed with intervention.
- why some reports are being picked up by the web team within the hour, while others from last weekend remain unanswered.
- why there's been nothing on the service status page about this since Saturday.
- why there's no sticky about this obviously widespread problem, but there is a sticky relating to a fault from over 4 months ago.
- why customers that are having problems using TV Go in browser are being asked to uninstall & reinstall an app that they aren't even using.
- why we're into day 7 of this with no resolution in sight.

Answers on a postcard please, to the usual address.

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Re: Things I am struggling to understand...

Virgin Media is very good when it is working, but they struggle when there is an issue, often to even accept there is an issue.

My two examples are this one - where it is clear there is an authentication problem (I have now got logged in using a sub-account that was the first @virginmedia account I created a while ago, thanks to hatfield's suggestions) - and the issues on sound on recordings on BT Sport Ultimate - something that has been going on for a year without resolution.

In neither case case there even been any proper acceptance of the issue. BT Sport Ultimate should be a selling point of the service - it is something that is a premium service and not available on satellite - but instead it is the opposite.

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