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Telly Tablet

My Virgin Telly Tablet was only 4 Years old and in pristine condition as only used when away from home. A few months ago I as amongst many others acquired some of the well know virus's due to an update. The were removed by a computer company the I use. 

Many factory resets later and not being able to install some Google Play Apps. I taped on System Update and the Android 5 Telly Tablet became Android 7. Still not being able to install Sky Sports App due to Google Play Store stating Your Device is Not Compatible and This Device is Not Optimised, because it provide absolutely no Install Tag.

Contacted the makers of the tablet and they stated they did not deal with 3 party apps, Virgin couldn't give an answer and Sky did reply to my email only stating to try on another tablet.

Giving up on Trojan Hunter and others, I installed Malwarebytes and this found....PUP. Riskware.Autoins.Rdstone.. Could not be removed as this was automatically placed on the System from the Android Update.

Today went back to the Computer Shop and they said the VM had wiped there hands on this tablet and deemed useless and should nolonger be used as now compromised.

Although the Telly Table was really good and worked perfectly it was a hard pill to swallow to be told get rid.

I came home and took a Lump Hammer to it. Now in the bin.

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