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Telly Tablet malware warning

So, the Telly Tablet joins the Gigaset problem...


If you find your Telly Tablet now randomly opening web pages with ads then you are infected.  You cannot remove this "system" app in the normal manner, it will survive a factory reset.  You must use ADB and be confident to remove it manually.

It looks like the firmware has been pushed to the phone from the Gigaset update server, I imagine this has something to do with the manufacture of the Telly Tablet?

Gigaset are to push a fixed firmware update to their handsets to eradicate this problem which installs the following:



I've noticed the "xiaoan" malware keeps crashing the system.

The problem is in the system app:

The silence from Virgin on this is astonishing seeing as it's been in the wild for a week or so.

I will personally have no problem fixing this via the command line, but can Virgin assure the masses that still use this tablet that this will be fixed via an OTA firwmare?

Or are everyones tablets now completely borked, because you should be under no illusions - you should NOT use your tablet while in this condition.

I recommend everyone to download Malwarebytes, free, from the Play Store to confirm whether you have been infected.  As this update is pushed from the update server then there is a good chance you have been.

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Re: Telly Tablet malware warning

"Glad" (though not really in the slightest) that its not just me!

Thought at first that one of the kids had 2clicked something they shouldnt've", and been chipping away trying to fix the issue for a couple weeks on-&-off when I've had the time & patience.

Factory resets = nada;

malware bytes = here's the problem & ye canny get rid of it!

Even leaving the offending apps installed, but suspended with all permissions denied & access refused hasn't gotten past the problem!

Today I've had a crack at TWRP rooting & Magisk install from SD with no success. 😑 [Thread on XDA Devs forum]  SP Flash Tool isn't 'seeing' the telly tab to download the new recovery.img & Magisk is failing verification!

This is just a big ol' useless doorstop/paperweight unless VM are going to patch us SOON! 😬

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Re: Telly Tablet malware warning

Hi, same problem here and I have absolutely no idea what to do. I've tried the usual and Avast has identified the problem as the System Update app. But it is installed in the system partition so I cannot uninstall. I've deactivated app as instructed bit still receiving pop up hell and random game websites. Are VM actually going to do anything to help us? Useless as it is. Bit like VM response to date 🙄

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