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Tele tablet

Joining in

I rest my tele tablet and it says signin with gmail account and when i signin it goes back to signin page continuous loop email and password are correct any thoughts ps i cannot get to homepage without signin


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Pancho, welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear of your difficulties with your tablet. 

We just need to ascertain a little more information so we can offer you support. If you can please let us know the following:

-Which service are you trying to access? 

-What make and model device is the issue occurring on? 

-Which software / operating system is running on the device?

-Are you able to post a screenshot of the error message that you are receiving?

We will then do our best to offer support if possible. 

All the best!




Trying to turn on my tele tablet it gets to sign in with gmail screen and says “ the device was reset to continue sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device” I do and it just goes back to verify your account the tablet is modelvm_md_001


Thanks for coming back to us @pancho1, can you please confirm the manufacturer of the device you're using?

Is this perhaps one of the Telly Tablet's that were manufactured by Virgin Media?

Kindest regards,


It’s the virgin tele tablet direct from yourselves 


Hey @pancho1,

Thanks for confirming this.

You can find some useful information and troubleshooting tips for logging in via our website here.

Let me know how you get on and if you need anything further.

Cheers. Joe