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TVGo App

Just joined

I have just installed a new PC with Windows 11 and the TV Go app, although set-up fine will not let me watch any program, I get the message "Sorry, this video cannot be played at this time" a restart video button is also present but just comes back to the same message (see screen shot below).

I have checked that my devices have updated.


Anyone have any idea what I can do?





On our wavelength

I have just asked the same question in here.  Sadly, I was informed by Virgin staff that Virgin GO does not work on PCs or Windows.
I was extremely disappointed with the answer, but that's how it is unfortunately.
Apparently there is NO working app for Windows.  The only available working App is for android or apple.

I was extremely disappointed, having just moved over from having had Sky for 12 years ... where Sky's GO (Windows) App works perfectly on Windows machines.

Your answer will be the same as I received.  Sorry 😞

Hi Stephan_Court,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. As our valued member @paulh_nwuk has advised unfortunately TVGO is not available on Windows or macOS through the browser.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this caused.

Kind regards Jodi.