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TV to Go: Still Confused!

I previously posted a message about not being able to use TV to Go on my Nexus 10 Android Tablet. The problem started when the Virgin Account/Sub-account log-in difficulty emerged. It was working perfectly until then.

I can still watch videos from my Nexus 10 by logging-in to my TiVo box, so surely this means the hardware is OK?

When I run TV Go on my Nexus 10, I see the TV Guide and can flick through the programmes. However, I cannot play them. I just get the "Sorry..." and "Unavailable..." messages and the Error code -2030, Surely this code helps to identify the specific cause?. 

When I launch TV Go, It indicates that I am signed-in and shows my name. However, the Nexus 10 is not appearing as a registered device in my account. I have been able to register my Motorola Phone though.

Does the -2030 error message not give you a clue? Incidentally, my Motorola phone registered correctly as a device in my Virgin Account.


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