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TV on the go - Web Browser

So i've been trying multiple ways to watch Sky Cinema,

  1. On the box (old tivo) but the quality drops every 30 - 45 seconds and it has a horrible green tint to it when it drops which just makes it unwatchable.
  2. On the TV Go app but lags on Android and iOS which causes audio sync issues
  3. Via my web browser.

I thought i'd have better luck when it comes to watching via a browser, and all was well until something moves in the center of frame then you see this weird sqaure artifacting in the middle. Incredibly annoying. Happens on everything I try to watch, so it's not just the one movie or show I want to watch.




EDIT: Solved. It appears to be an Firefox issue. Works fine with Opera.

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Re: TV on the go - Web Browser

Hi FateTrip,


Thank you for posting on the Community Forums.


I'm sorry to see you experienced some picture quality issues when streaming TV GO from Firefox, this isn't something we've come across before. Did you try to clear all your cache and cookies on the Firefox browser? Glad to hear you found a work around though.


Let us know if we can help with anything else.



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