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TV control app

Tuning in

I'm having issues  getting the TV control app to load on my phone and tablet. When I enter my login details it comes up Login Error with Return to Sign in or Exit. I know my login details are correct as I can login to my account on my PC. Please advise what I can do to fix this?


Joining in

Hi! I have a same problem. I bought the new iphone 15 pro. I can not login/sign in the Virgin Media Control app. My login details are correct, but still “Login error, return to sign or exit. Re-install instal again nothing changed. The funny thing is, I deleted the app from my old iphone 12, than install again, and I can login/sign in to the app on my old phone…but I can’t in my new phone!!! Why??? Someone help me please, coz I use this app recording.

thank you!

Dialled in

Must be a problem with the APP I am having exactly the same problem on my Samsung S21 which is an up to date phone running on the latest Android 13 software. I have tried uninstalling it and then re installing and it goes to the sign in page, I sign in and then it goes straight to the "Login Error, return to sign in or Exit" page. If you click on return to sign in then it doesnt take you to the sign in, it thinks about for a bit and then simply returns you straight back to the error page.

Its nothing wrong with my signing in name or password because the "My Virgin Media" app works fine and I can login into that without any problem.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Wullie1974,

Welcome back to the Community Forums! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the TV Control App.

We'll need to get this raised to our IT Teams. I can see that I'm having the same issue with the app myself.

I've dropped you a private message 😊