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TV Go subscription without STB


As Virgin bill went upwards of £200 a month in the past I found it too expensive. Been on IPTV etc since and currently just using various hubs and iplayers for base channels. 

Spent half hour on chat before being bounced to a non existent...waited 20 minutes...section. So coming this route to see if anyone knows the following. 

Can I pay for a TV sub with Virgin, don't want a box specifically and before anyone tells me about the benefits of them and it is stupid not to, I've had 5 boxes in place at one time in the past including 2 V6 boxes, so I'm used to traditional setups. 

With Smart TVs and so much going through broadband there really isn't any need for TV boxes unless you want to specifically have a box or two with a terabyte of stored programmes on there. I don't. 

Can Virgin TV Go, free with all TV packages I believe, be used on its own and independent of STB connection at home. With just a login. If not I'm only wasting my time speaking to India via chat; which I have now been unable to find again since being transferred by agent earlier. Anyone with a direct link to page where chat can be found please let me know. Sorry a bit longer than it needed to be but wanted those reading to know I am not a new customer but just one that doesn't any longer have STBs. Just a broadband 350 and Phone subscriber at moment. 

Many thanks,


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Re: TV Go subscription without STB

To use TV Go you would need a normal TV subscription, it cannot be subscribed for separately.

Also it can only be used on Laptop's, Phones and tablet's. It cannot be used on Smart TV's.

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