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TV Go not working on Mac

Tuning in


My TV Go service has recently stopped working on my Mac and I am unable to fix it based on the advice given to other similar questions on this forum. Please see below for a summary of my issue and fixes I've already tried:

  • Accessing TV Go through chrome on a Mac running MacOS Mojave 10.14.3
  • No live channels working (error message "Sorry this video cannot be played at this time") but boxsets etc. are working
  • Live channels and boxsets etc. working on iPhone app using same account
  • Have tried the following solutions:
    • restarted laptop
    • restarted browser
    • cleared browser data
    • tried other browsers
    • logged out and in again
    • tried incognito mode

Please can you suggest how else I can fix this.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Apologies for the issues faced Sam99W,

Welcome to the community.

To clarify on this, is it the web browser that is not working or do you have the App downloaded?

Let us know,


I am unable to watch live TV through any browser or the chrome extension. I am able to watch live TV through the app on my phone. 

Ahh okay, thanks for getting back to us.

Are you receiving the same error messages on all browsers?

Secondly are you able to gain access through your login?



Yes I receive the same error message on all browsers. I am always logged in when trying to stream live TV and I have tried logging in and out already

Hi Sam99W, thanks for the message and welcome to the community. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the TVGO service and this is not what we want to hear. 

Can you confirm if this is working on a PC or does the issue only lie with the MAC?

Can you send us a screen shot of the issue which you are getting? 

Kind regards, Chris. 

I only have a Mac so I am unable to test if it works on PC.

Please see below screenshot of error message:

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 11.52.14.png

Hi Sam99W, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you are having issues with the TVGO service and this is not the experience which we want you to have. Can you confirm if this is happening on multiple channels? Does this work with another browser? 

Kind regards 


This is happening on all channels on chrome, Firefox and safari. 


This issue has still not been resolved. Please can you suggest a solution?