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TV Go device registration TV Go - device limit reached

Spent an hour on the phone to sort this issue but technician does not understand what or how to deal with this only to RESET devices.

I have a new DELL XPS13 and in the week installed the app (win10). Each day i opened the app to watch tv it asked me to register my device. Day 1: I changed for my ipad and was ok.

Day 2: opened app asked me to register again, so I changed my ipad air and was ok.

Day 3: opened app and asked me to register again, so i changed my desktop pc. All good

Day 4: opened again and you guessed - register device. Could not register, too many devices changed, wait 24 days.

Advised technician, he said i opened too many tabs??! only opened app which he was having none of. He reset my app so i can use 5 devices. 

Start again.. opened app and registered my device, great all good. Watched my programme and closed down app. 2 hours later went to open app to watch something else and... yes you guessed "register your device" so all starts again. 

This is driving me crazy as I know by monday i will be locked out again because of registering too many devices.

By the way i have just tried going through the browser and has asked to register my device.


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Re: TV Go device registration TV Go - device limit reached

Hi Skully

Have a read at my post on this page entitled "Fix (potential) for widespread multiple device problem".

If you are using Windows 10 on your Dell Laptop then the recommendations in my post might help. The problem seems to originate within the TvGo app permissions whereby the app seems to lose the account authentication when you are using Chrome or Edge (might happen on Mozilla and Firefox too but I'm not certain). When you log out and back in again the app sees your PC/Laptop as a new device for some reason.

This issue ahs been ongoing for at least 2 years to my recollection. There was an interim solution when Virgin launched the Win10 app and that worked fine. They have now disabled that app and are forcing users to go through a browser now and that has caused these problems to resurface.

Hope this helps

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