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TV GO Issues

Can someone please help with the TV Go app, I have 4 devices registered 2 phone 1 Microsoft lap top and one apple macbook

Each time we try to use the devices a screen comes up saying the device needs to be registered and a device removed, when we are clearly using a device that has been registered/

I spent sometime talking to someone from virgin today and it appears I have managed to get the Microsoft lap top working by downloading the app each time, which surely isn't right?

However we caqn not get the Apple Mac to work even though I have followed the same process

I note that someone from virgin suggested clearing cookies, which again we have tried but didn't work

Any solutions tips etc please



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: TV GO Issues

Hi there @Harfi0482


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for joining our forums - sorry to understand that you're having some issues with the TVGo app on some of your devices. 


When accessing TVGo via an browser, you do need to use the same browser each time - if you use a different browser or via a new window, this will count as a new device. It will also not work correctly if you have pop up blockers enabled. 


When using the app on Windows 10 - you should not need to download the app each time; you just download the app once and then log in on the app each time. 


Please also be advised that you can only log in using the Primary log in details for your MyVirginMedia. 


For more help with the TVGo, you can check this link


For device assistance, you can check this link


To check your devices via the device management, please log in and check here


Please do pop back if you need anything further. 





Katie - Forum Team

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