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TV Control app has stopped V6 boxes streaming to my iPad

Can someone please contact me about this. 

I have been using this app to watch recorded programmes on my iPad for a long time but it has suddenly stopped working without warning. I can control the V6 box from my ipad (change channels, record etc. ) but cannot watch anything on the iPad. The option is not there any more.

If I select watch on the app. it plays on the TV. Due to the large number of complaints on the App. store I think that this is due to a recent update of the app.

I am running an old iPad with IOS 9.3.5 which according to the VM website should be OK and the agents I spoke to on Facebook agree with this. I have contacted technical support and the agent I spoke to was so rude that I have made a formal complaint in writing and I got nothing useful from him(He also suggested I could use a paid 3rd party to resolve the issue).

If I attempt to delete the app. and reinstall it says - not compatible with iPad, so I reinstalled the old version but the fault remained.

If I use the streaming setup function in the app. it fails and says - try again later.

I haver tried restarting the V6 box.

Is there anything that can be done?

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