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Sky Sports sign in

Posting on here as this appears to be my last option to actually be able to contact anyone from Virgin Media, having been on hold to the customer service number for an hour before being cut off - twice! Then, after waiting 20 minutes for someone to get back to me on the live chat, I had the connection cut and returned to the VM Automated Assistant!

I am also unable to login to the Sky Sports app on 2 separate Android devices and a Windows 10 Chrome browser, each time I get the following error message;

We can't check your account details right now. Please try again later. (404)

Has any one found a fix for this? I have tried the following;

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Changing my password

Waiting 24 hours for 'my account to register' - yes, I was actually told this as a serious fix by a customer service adviser when I first reported the problem a couple of weeks ago.

Sorry for the tone, I am obviously, and I hope understandably, frustrated by the truly terrible level of customer service received so far. If anyone has any answers it would be most appreciated.

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Re: Sky Sports sign in

Hi craigw2000,


Welcome to our forums and thank you for reaching out. I'm really sorry for the difficulties you've been having with the Sky Sports app and in trying to speak with our teams. This certainly isn't what I'd expect and it's disappointing to hear you've had a negative experience.


Please could you confirm whether you're currently able to log into your MyVM account with the new password you've set?


Could you also let me know whether you're selecting to log in as a Virgin Media customer?


Have you previously been able to access this app or has this problem persisted since you joined us?




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