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Sky Sports running fast

Joining in

The Sky Sports App on my PC is running in a fast forward mode, runs out of data stops and repeats this process.  Rebooting and reinstalling has not resolved this.  iPad is working fine, which suggests something on my PC is causing the issue.  Any suggestions?


Thanks .@newappollo

Swapping the default sound device and restarting the sky sports player did indeed resolve the issue.

I never found the root cause of the issue or the reason why the issue disappeared.

One day it wasn't working and then it was.

I do have a complicated list of audio options on the PC, including bluetooth, HDMI and line out, so happy to assume that was the cause.  Good to know if it does happen again that I have something and people to help resolve it.



Thank you for replying to your thread BarneyLongden,

glad to hear you have figured our a resolution on this.