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Sky Sports on Virgin Go (Laptop and Mobile)

Dear Virgin

I am truly sick of the unfit for purpose 'service' you purport to offer. Even when your service is unwatchable and I try to call for help, now you rely on the Covid-19 situation as to why you can't offer phone support. So ultimately, there is no way to speak to anyone to resolve this situation. Do you think that's fair to a customer paying over £100 per month in subscriptions to you?

For as long as you've offered Virgin TV Anytime, watching Sky Sports on the same has always been a problem. I can't tell you how many times I'm met with error messages with random error codes. This has created untold frustration as I've missed important goals from my team's football matches. Very occasionally it does work.

I don't know if the reason is that Sky themselves have very restrictive and controlling issues as to whom can stream; and/or whether Virgin is the issue. But you are my service provider and my money is paid to you, so either way, it's your responsibility to sort and the responsibility lies with Virgin.

As I've seen in replies when I've posted before (and your replies to others), all I see in your answers is your asking for device information and other seemingly diversion questions, so I'm going to preempt and provide as much as I can here below this question and I expect you to actually answer the question and resolve this once and for all.

This problem affects devices connected to both WiFi and EE (the fastest and best network).

I have tried troubleshooting myself. I have simultaneously and separately removed the Sky Sports App, deleted the cache and data, updated the App. On Device 1 (below) I have tried using Google Chrome, as well as Microsoft Edge; the same problem exists. On Device 2 (below) I use Google Chrome.

I look forward to your helpful reply not asking for the information I've provided or more information. Just actually problem-solve the issue your service is providing.


Device 1

A Windows 10 device with the latest Sky Sports App (30.6.20) installed.

Device 2

An Android Samsung Galaxy S10 with the latest updates installed.

Various error messages are displayed:-

One tells me that a maximum of two devices can be watching Sky Sports at any one time. This is displayed even when only one device is (attempting) to watch.

Another just displays error codes (please check my previous posts for these error codes).

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