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Sky Sports App - Video Unavailable

Joining in

Tried logging into watch football on Sky Sports on my iPad tonight and keep getting message “video available - a problem was encountered please try again later.”

I can login from my phone no problem but issue is just on my iPad. The iPad is an older device (Air 1) which shouldn’t be an issue and have tried all the other fixed of logging out, rebooting and reinstalling the app.

Anyone have any similar issues and aware of a fix?



Hi Cornetcity,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had in accessing Sky Sports.

To confirm, are you using an iPad for this as well?


I use the app on both my iPhone & iPad.

It’s working fine on my iPhone (I did the update from IOS 15 to 16 & it works). 

However, I did the update on the iPad to iPad iOS 15.7 & it stopped working. I figured out (after removing the app & re-installing, rebooting it) it had something to do with my VPN software. Even though the VPN was switched off the app was acting as if it was on. I went to the VPN & switched it on & then off. Went back to the app & it works. 
however, whenever I exit the app & go back into it the same thing happens & I have to repeat the process with the VPN/App.

there seems to be an issue with the app & detecting whether the VPN is activated or not.

Hi Cornetcity, thanks for getting back to us.

Could you please expand on your VPN?  Is it on your iPad only and not your phone?  Is the VPN work related? Or is it for personal/private use only?  I only ask, because if the VPN is accessed via an app, does uninstalling the app confirm your own theory?



On our wavelength

The VPN is installed on all my devices. iPad, iPhone & PC. It’s for personal/private use. I’m not removing the app for it.

Does this still work on the iPhone but not on the iPad Cornetcity regardless of whether the VPN is active or not?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Cornetcity wrote:

The VPN is installed on all my devices. iPad, iPhone & PC. It’s for personal/private use. I’m not removing the app for it.

This is Sky getting very fussy about people potentially using the app outside the UK. I have the same problem with Norton 360. Even with VPN supposedly off, the VPN icon remains in the top of the iPad screen & live Sky Sports channels will not play. If I go into the Norton app & disable Browsing Protection the icon disappears & then the live channels will play.

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it’s now working on both. Maybe something happened, over night…🤔

Been faffing with this for weeks, kept saying Video Unnavailable, yet SkyGo app works fine. Turns out (thanks to this post) my Norton Browser protection blocks it. At least now I know and can just de-activate it for the duration of anything I want to watch