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Resetting registered devices for Sky Sports

Up to speed

I currently have 4 devices registered for Sky Sports. They all used to be clearly labelled, by me, as to which devices they were. I've recently added a new device, to replace one that is no longer in use, only to find that only one device now has the name I registered, and that the system now shows I have  6 devices registered in total, rather than the 4, and the remaining 5 are all identified as "PC". Inevitably when I removed one in the hope it was the one I no longer use, it removed one that was in use!  And, when you add a new device to the list, you can't actually tell which one you've just added, so you can't rename it! After three such failed attempts I've now used all 3 changes for the month and still have one device I can't register. I have no idea why the system has filled 6 slots, nor why it's labelling everything, incorrectly, as PC. Is there any way you can reset the list so that I can start again and register them one by one?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mikefraser,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your used devices have gone only showing PC 5 time, with TV Go and using a windows based device, if you have it set so all Cache and cookies are cleared, each time you log back in it shows as a new device, to stop this check your settings and untick delete Cache and Cookie, this will then remember your device and not take up extra slots.

You can find out more here.




I was aware of that, thanks, but my browser (Edge) is NOT set to clear the cache and /or cookies, on any of the devices concerned. The Virgin Media equivalent for TV Go actually shows details of the registered devices automatically, but the Sky one doesn't. Not very helpful, is it?! The only way I can see to get around this is to clear down all the registered devices so that I can register the devices one by one, and correctly label them, because otherwise you simply canot see which ones need to be removed!