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Remote programme record not working, tells me i need to turn my 360 on.

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I have attempted a few recordings when away from my home and each time I get a response saying that my 360 box settings mean that the recording will not be scheduled to record until the 360 box is turned on. I have had a look at the settings but can’t find anything regarding remote access to be blue to record. I can’t leave my 360 on all the time for the odd occasion that I may need to record something when out and about. Hope you can help. Thanks


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Stewwart 

The app needs to be able to talk to the 360 - it can't if it isn't turned on, or in standby.

Go to Settings > System > Standby power consumption. You have 3 choices.
Fast start  - the 360 starts quickly but is less energy efficient
Active start - more energy efficient than fast start but the box takes a little longer to start up
Eco start - the most energy efficient and probably the one you're using. It uses minimal power but takes a while to start.

Try one of the first two options but you will need to give the box time to wake up and possibly set the recording again

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Hi Stewwart,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry that you've not been able to record on your 360 when away from home.

As our valued member @newapollo has mentioned, your 360 box will need to switched on for this happen. 

Please follow the advice @newapollo has already given and come back to us if you're still experiencing issues.

Kind regards Jodi.