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Re: Sky Sports App with Stream subscription

On our wavelength

I am having the exact same issue, I just added the sky sports + HD +UHD to my package, I can view the channels on my TiVo V6 box but I downloaded the desktop app on my pc from Sky Sports website, Logged into their site with my VM login details and clicked to watch Main Event and I get the same 

Error code: OVP_00005

So yeah, not happy to be honest. I need to be able to watch sky sports on my PC as well as my TV box. So please can you get this fixed, this issue seems to be an issue that is happening all the time but yet clearly no one is able to fix it.

Obviously there is a huge delay in VM sending the subscription details of customers over to sky. Or some other issue that just makes a lot of customers unable to use the Sky apps to stream from. Not very good what so ever.

If this is not resolved I will just cancel them and potentially will just leave VM for good! Sick of these damn issues. If it is not the broadband breaking or tv issues, it is something else. But this is the icing on the top this issue with the sky app! 😞


Joining in

So I have an update for everyone.

I raised a formal complaint with Virgin as I wasn't getting anywhere. Long story short, Virgin support have confirmed that for us Stream customers, it's not possible to use the Sky Sports App on mobile devices. Our only option is to use our Stream boxes. So what they have done is effectively false advertising, as their website clearly states that Stream customers can use the Sky Sports App on Mobile, when clearly this is not the case.

They've stated there's nothing more they can do, so they have agreed to effectively refund me 2 months of the Sky Sports Subscription which covers the cost of my Stream box. Not ideal, but at least I have an answer even if it's not the one I wanted.

I suggest other people here with the same issue do as I did. They should reimburse you for false advertising.

I hope this helps others.

Joining in

So I have a further update...

I just randomly last night decided to try this again - and it is now working. I'm successfully able to use my Virgin Login to the Sky Sports App and watch live sports channels.

So after being told by customer support that as a Stream customer this wasn't technically possible - that isn't true. I now have the service. What it does suggest is that there is a MASSIVE delay in either Sky activating my Virgin Login for their streaming service, or that Virgin take an eternity to notify Sky that I have a valid subscription.

It has taken almost 3 months for this to start working, but I now have the service as advertised.

Thanks for the update @Humph1, and I'm pleased to hear that this has finally been resolved for you. Apologies for the delay on this one, but do feel free to come back to us if the issue re-emerges.