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Re: Manage sky devices

Joining in

I cannot view sky sports on iPad or iPhone but it works perfectly fine on TV. Have been on the phone several times and support is just not getting me anywhere. 
I have deleted and reinstalled both apps (Virgin TV Go and Sky Sports) but it still says my package doesn’t support this channel. The link to view / manage my devices doesn’t show either the iPhone or iPad even though I have attempted watching on both. 
Can someone please advise? Ticket has been open for weeks and I was promised a call back 2 days ago which never happened either - very frustrated customer!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @te95


Thanks for posting on our community forum, a big warm welcome with this being your first post here. Sorry to hear about the issues with your devices.


The ticket was closed with the team advising of the the following "Please ask customer to retry and tell us what the error message/s that are being shown if issue persists and at which point it appears, also please advise to register via the website" If you can provide that information I'll update the ticket for our team to investigate further.



Forum Team

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Thanks for the reply. The two ticket numbers I have were P011476579 (assuming this is the closed one) and P011383097.

I did provide all the info to the various people I spoke with on the phone, but in short, the error I get is “Could not play channel. Your subscription doesn’t all you to watch this programme. Please contact your provider”

I am able to login to the Sky Sports app with my Virgin Media UK credentials and view other content (I.e. other video clips), but when I go to view something live, there is a lock icon for every channel and when I click on it I get the above message.



Hi @te95


Thanks for your response


I've updated the ticket with the above information and the team will investigate this and contact you back as soon as possible.



Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Thanks so much! Really appreciate the speedy responses

Hi Travis, do you know when I might expect an update on this? Thanks in advance

Many apologies for the issues faced te95,

With regards to this can I ask, have both devices worked previously with the App before?

Also it appears our team are investigating this further for you, at the moment current update however



Hi Kain. No this has never worked before on either device. I’ve mentioned all this to your colleagues on the phone before and was advised it should take no more than 5 days for a fix / update - seems like that never happened in the past, so getting frustrating they still can’t update despite having the background info. 

When would you expect an update on this latest ticket please?

Thanks for coming back to us @te95 at this moment, we won't be able to advise of an estimated fix time for this issue.

Kind Regards,


Ok thanks - so to confirm, I just need to keep waiting indefinitely for a fix on something I’m paying for but not getting? Assume I won’t be getting any kind of credit or discount for this period? Thanks