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Please sign in with your main account. Sub-accounts can't sign into this device.

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Hi. I've been having this problem for years. But I first thought that the problem was my package and that the app wasn't included with the package I had. So I upgraded to the ultimate bundle and still having the same issues. After researching I found out it has nothing to do with the package (wasn't the only reason I upgraded though). I'm paying over £100 a month and have been for many years now. I've never been able to have access to the app and this is a big reason why I stuck with virgin - to watch TV using the app. 

I've tried ringing virgin, but no one knows how to sort this issue. I just get transfered and put back on hold before finally getting told its a problem on my end. OK, but atleast help me sort it or give me some advice on what to do. 

I've tried clearing the cache, changing email, different devices with different browsers. I'm confident that's not the issue. 


So I downloaded my virgin media, and logged in on there. To find it saying this 



How is this a secondary account. I've only ever had 1 email in my life and had it over 20 years. The account is registered in my name, with bills coming out of MY bank. So I'm very confused and frustrated as to why its telling me this is a secondary account. And there is nothing I can do as like I say, I'm the one who subscribed to virgin and I've only ever had 1 email address! 

I tried replying to a post that had the exact same issues. I see that it got sorted for him/her but no one said what they did to fix it on that post and no one is getting back to me. So I created a post of my own. 



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Here's a link showing someone with the same problem that was fixed. Probably explain it allt better than I have and I see it as proof that it's not a problem on my end. 

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So 2 months later and I.T are still looking into this, apparently.. 

Was on a live chat ordering a wifi booster and at the end when asked 'is there anything else I can help you with', I mentioned the problem there. I was promised it would be fixed within three days. That was two weeks ago now. 


Do I just give up? 🤔 


Pretty sure all that needs to be done is clear what ever email is the main account holder and replace it with my own..

Hi Jill8, 

We are very sorry for the delays in having issues resolved. 

I can confirm that a colleague of my has resubmitted your issue recently and the team are still working to get this resolved. 

We appreciate this must be frustrating and apologise for any inconvenience caused.





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Still have same issues. Annoying because I pay for all the sports channels and want to be able to watch football when at work using the TV go app. But can't, because I can't log in as I'm apparently a secondary account even though the bills come out of my own bank and I've been paying over a 100 pound a month for the last few years. Fun times. 


I've lost all faith. 3 months I.T have been looking into this issue, apparently.. 


Is there another option that doesn't involve IT looking into it? Can someone not make me a new log in that actually works? Or Maybe delete whatever email is the primary user on my virgin account and replace it with my own email?? Or shall I just give up at this point and accept I'm not going to be able to use all the features virgin media offer ? 


Hi Jill8,

Sorry to hear that you're still unable to access your TVGO. We do understand the frustration this issue must be causing you. 

We can see a ticket has been raised, and that we have tried to contact you on two occasion to discuss this with you but we could get no answer on either day, so a message was left?

Did you receive any voicemails regarding this? 

Kind regards Jodi. 


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sorry I have only just seen this but still have the issue and I don't think I ever had a voice message left however I could be wrong. I'm rarely home and get soo many spam calls on my landline with random messages left so I kind of stopped checking landlines messages as 98% was spam. I only really use my mobile phone these days 😞 

Hi, got mine sorted.  Rang VM on 0345 454 1111 chose option 1 then (think) option for issue with fault/IT support   it gave a link which I ignored and got through to human.  Explained issue with Secondary a/c - told me the main email address (was hubby's so fort remembered p/word), hang on while I logged in - Yeyyyy worked 😊