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Please reset my TV Go devices

Could one of the forum team please reset my TV Go devices?

I've built a new PC a couple of weeks ago and encountered a problem that would cause the TV Go app (and a few others) to randomly crash the machine, which required a hard reset to fix. I traced the issue to a clash between some drivers and reinstalled Windows 10 today to make sure that everything was nice and clean. I signed in to the TV Go web app an hour ago to test and everything is now working fine. But... this has resulted in the new PC using up 3 of my 5 device slots (the Firefox browser I just launched plus Firefox and the Windows 10 app from before the reinstall). The other 2 slots are still being taken up by Firefox and the Windows 10 desktop app on my old PC which will never be used again.

So, I went into the settings dialogue in the web app which displays the slots in use but there's nothing to let me unregister any of the old devices. I've tried opening in a couple of different browsers but to no avail. This was a complete reinstallation from a freshly formatted hard disk so there aren't any cookies or cached data lurking which would typically cause this sort of issue.

So, if one of the admins could reset my devices I'd be grateful.


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