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Now on TV (or not)

Joining in

I must have tried to watch 15 games this season on my PC trying to watch BT sport and have managed about 2. All I ever get is 'Not Available Sorry - we can't play this at the moment.' Have been with Virgin for over 20 years but I'm sick of this. Tried with chrome, firefox, brave, windows, linux and none work. Cleared history (I now have no devices to swap this month), cookies, done the handstand on one arm, useless!! £163 a month for this **bleep**e!

Gives me a short split second clip and 'Not available, sorry.......

Has been like this all season, complete waste of time... Like this post, cause nothing will be done.

Please contact support, like I have 24hours to waste....


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Zorco, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear you are having some issues trying to watch BT sport.

Please can you let me know does this work on the mobile app or do you get the same message?

When you try and login in via a computer have you gone over the device limit at all? 

Have you tried another PC or an iPad at all? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?