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Not available - sorry we cannot play this at the moment

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'Not available - sorry we cannot play this at the moment'

Been getting this error message for months now, through all channels on both the app and various web browsers, Ive read these forums top to bottom and tried all the copy and paste fixes you guys have provided and nothing changes, ive reinstalled the app and web browser(s) multiple times and have recently reinstalled windows, still no changes, ive deleted cache, browsing history, ran C cleaner, installed device on different drives, nothing I do gets rid of this error, the chanel will play for a split second then will cut off with this message. I do use dual screen but have disabled the second screen on my display so it just uses my monitor and still no good, so its nothing to do with copyright safemeasures the app may have.

Im using a desktop pc, tried it on my phone, an ipad, still nothing

Now this works on my box with the tv no problem, and its worked on the app for around a year, so I do have the package and it is working in that regard, I work away alot and am often not able to be at home to watch the footy or experience the benefits of the 220meg connection whuch is brilliantly fast, so in order to justify the 60/80 quid a month depending what yoi fancy charging me at the time, I need to be able to watch it via a web browser or app.

I have also been locked out of registering new devices again this month trying to get it to work on different browsers and platforms, as I was last month and the month before, ive phoned in but the lass didnt know what a desktop pc was and we didnt get far due to a clear languange barrier - thats not a dig, just im geordie ha, plus I only know one language and her perhaps 3 or 4.. anyways back on topic.

I know there are plenty of other people with this issue and to save time i HAVE TRIED these steps and they HAVE NOT fixed my issue:

"You can try these steps in case of issues with webpages:

You can reload webpage(s) and bypass the cache to refresh possibly outdated or corrupted files.

  • hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button
  • press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux)
  • press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac)

Clear the Cache and remove the Cookies for websites that cause problems via the "3-bar" Firefox menu button (Options/Preferences).

"Remove the Cookies" for websites that cause problems:

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data: "Manage Data"

"Clear the Cache":

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data -> Cached Web Content: Clear

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions ("3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions) or if hardware acceleration or userChrome.css is causing the problem.

  • switch to the DEFAULT theme: "3-bar" menu button or Tools -> Add-ons -> Themes
  • do NOT click the "Refresh Firefox" button on the Safe Mode start window

👍 0"

Any help would be appreciated people, thanks very much in advance.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @ccarr 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see that you've been having these ongoing issues when trying to watch programmes. I can certainly understand the frustration with this.

I'll certainly be happy to take a look at this for you so I'll send you a PM to confirm your details.



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Hi @Travis_M

I'm consistently getting:

Not Available: Sorry We Can't Play This At The Moment 0

However, I can hear the audio of the programme being played, and I can briefly see it when I selected the Picture in Picture box.  Not really how we really wanted to spend half-term, me trying to sort a technical issue rather than watching the films the kids had chosen!

I've registered and de-registered the device - I have no more changes left.  I get the same error on the App and the web. I've cleared the cache.  Rebooted.  No luck at all. 

Hi @johnnyn thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear of your ongoing issues.  I can see that you're now liaising with my colleague Sabrina.  I will therefore leave you in her very capable hands.