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Tuning in


This is the 3rd weekend in a row i've gone to use this service. Again i can not play any content on the TV Live service. Using windows 10, i have exhausted the forums, cleared caches, tried this on other devices and browsers. Everything the virgin team has suggested. Still not a single channel will work.

Once again what i want to watch is half through and again probs won't be fixed by the time it finishes. I'm currently out of contract and between this and other issues i'm considering cancelling. It's becoming too unreliable for the amount of money i pay.

Please fix this as it's constantly on the forums for may users, not just me.



Fibre optic

I've had this happen a lot when trying to start watching things on the BBC after they'd already started being broadcast. What channels and or programs is this happening with? If you get that error with one program, just for testing purposes, if you then try a different program/channel, does that work OK?

This is on TV go only, not the box. Every channel has this issue. Clearing cache etc obviously loses the device register. So now allmy slots are locked too.

In my experience if you're in the situation where VM won't let you register another device with TV Go (even though it's the same Win 10 computer in your case), the best way is to ensure the TV Go plugin is used and not just a browser. If you use different browsers, it'll treat using each different one as a different device. If you contact VM Tech Support and explain what's happened, in my experience they'll reset your device allocation to a blank slate. While you're on the line to them, you can then ask them to help you get the other problem sorted (and if you're not sure what I mean to ensure you're using the plugin). To be fair, its a long time since I tried watching TV Go without having the plugin installed so I don't know if this is possible anymore.

It really infuriated me when I received such unhelpful error messages that didn't tell me the nature of the problem. It's a bit like taking your car into the garage and saying it's broken, without giving them any further info - where do they start.

Hi again - thank for your advice. I will look at the plug in

The device lock outs though is normally not really an issue for me. I expect this given' ive tried a few times to fix my original issue. I just want to know why i can't watch anything. Every time i see this issue people get asked the same questions over and over again, but never a resolution posted.


The TV Go app is very careful about having the contents screened not being copied or streamed to another display. If for example you have screen mirroring turned on (even though it may not be in use), multiple monitors or anything that makes the TV Go software think this may be occurring (even though it isn't) the app will refuse to play ball. My suggestion (if it's not already the case) is to dumb down your computer to the bare basics and once you've had your slots freed by VM Tech Support, make sure the App plugin is installed and try again - only ever using that app/plugin to access TV Go. VM Tech support should be able to help you do this too. Unfortunately the app/plugin isn't in the Microsoft Store so it's not so straightforward to get/install.

Hello mikos005


Sorry to hear of the problems experienced with live content via your desktop on the TV Go app, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


As Flying_Kiwi has advised that the content providers put measures in place to prevent 'live' TV being screened across multiple displays, this is to help prevent unauthorised recording, streaming or replication of the event to content. This is due to copyright.


If you require some assistance with the devices registered, let me know here and I'll be happy to help with this.