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Maximum number of devices registered so can't watch till March

Joining in

I'm getting a message saying I have reached the maximum number of devices.

I currently have ONE device on my account. This message seems to occur on a regular basis.

How can this be sorted out ?






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Eeyore2023

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums!

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your registered devices on TV Go. If you're using a PC/laptop to sign into TV Go, it's possible that we've not recognised your device and so it's been registered multiple times as a 'new' device. This is because we rely on cookies to tell if a device is been registered or not, so if you've ran anti virus software or cleared your cookies, we may not recognise the same device.

Either way, we will be able to clear your registered devices for you so you can start again. I've sent you over a private message so I can take your details. Look out for my message over at the purple envelope



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Eeyore2023,

Thanks for confirming your details via PM. I've now reset your devices for you. Please allow up to an hour before signing back in, and let us know how you get on.