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Max devices reached

Joining in

So many comments about this but no answer on the forum. All TV channels work fine on the app except Sky Sports which you have to log in separately. Always get the same response max device reached although only logged in on one other device. Device management under settings doesn't ever work. Annoying response of hmm try later but of course it still doesn't work. Phoned Virgin help but completely useless. Please sort this out.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Khatwell 

Thanks for reaching out to us on this. It is possible that when you are reaching your device limit there is a shadow remaining with Sky. You can check everything here 👉 & and finally, Device Help. I am afraid that we cannot assist with removal of any devices, this is something that we do not have access to. For clarity on what devices are still within your possession, we recommend that you remove all devices and start fresh with the devices you wish to allow that accessible content.

Keep us updated. 


Hi Sabrina

Thanks for your response. 

The first and third link you sent me are the same and do not solve the problem. I don't know what the middle link is as it comes up with a little box saying sorry not available. 

I'm trying to watch  Sky Sports on my Samsung phone. I can watch all the  TV channels including Sky Cinema so my phone is registered OK. When you want to watch Sky Sports you have to go onto their app and log in using your Virgin Media log on. This works fine and you can access some content on their app. Soon as you want to watch the live content it says maximum number of devices reached and denies viewing. This seems to me to be a problem between Sky and Virgin similar to the old dis pute concerning access to Sky Atlantic. 

When I go onto device management in the Virgin Go app three  devices only show so why is Sky saying maximum number of devices reached ? I can't seem to remove any of them anyway as it keeps saying hmm try later. I can't see how this will solve the problem anyway. Somebody at Virgin Media needs to speak to somebody at Sky to sort this out