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Locals Channels changed today - twice without our interference!

Up to speed

Hi there,

So today, we started this mornings TV with our Local Channel; Yorkshire and Lincolnshire on BBC1. We live in North East Lincolnshire and this is our regular channel.

Around 6:00pm we turned on the TV and the Regional news following the national news was News about the North West... later this evening, without the TV being turned off in between, the Regional news on BBC 1 after the national news was BBC London!

Can we please have BBC One Yorkshire and Lincolnshire back, please?


Up to speed

This was due to an NUJ strike as the BBC are talking about cutting back local radio services so there was very little local news on BBC today.

It’s always best to be positive but we all have crappy days.

VM Hub5 on Gig1, Etc etc

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