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Live TV - "Now On" - Suddenly massive?

Is it just me, or has the Now On page radically changed (and text in lots of other places?)

It used to be very convenient. On your own Telly Tablet, I could see nearly all the channel previews I am interested in on one page. At most to get to what i wanted a single swipe.

After turning on this morning, now the previews are massive and only about 8 fit on the screen at once. I cannot find any preferences for this, no pinch zoom. So now it requires lots of scrolling and more than just a glance and a tap to choose my channel.

This has killed usability for me of the thing I use the app most for, I guess there was an update that I didn't notice.

Please Virgin, if this intentional, please either change it back or provide an option to do so.


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