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Licence error code /licence invalid'

Tuning in

Hi can anyone assist cause virgin can't ? On my virgin TV go app the recordings are not playing back on my tablet, the message comes up licence error code/ licence invalid, live will play. the latest from virgin tech is to factory reset the hub 3, I'm not attempting that cause the rest of the TV go app works, it's only started in the last 3 weeks and seems to be a common problem . Thx in advance πŸ™


On our wavelength

Hi Roslyn there are several threads already on this problem. Unfortunately VM techies don't know what is causing it so at the moment are unable to provide a fix. My issue started late May/early June and like yourself (and many others) can watch live but not my recorded programmes. I've suggested that there could be a problem with their upgrade at that time as well as a bug in the App. As soon as I get anything from the techie team I will pass it on. 

Dialled in

Don't hold your breath I have been running with this since 1st June . With lots of back to you ASAP but very little actual ASAP. 


On our wavelength

Just had an update from VM. Seems the issue is with VM & iOS suppliers. VM have consistently failed to negotiate in time for a seemless service for its customers (us). Hence the error message. Our devices and the TiVo 360's are fine, VMs negotiating skills are not. They have no idea when the issue will be resolved so watch this space....!


On our wavelength

It seems that this is a known issue and unfortunately, it was decided not to fix it due to low impact and ongoing system updates as per the Development team. They hope that the issue will be resolved with upcoming system updates. However, they are unable to provide an estimated deadline for this. Hmmm ...

No problem at all @Guelph 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help πŸ™‚ 


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