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Issues accessing Sky Sports on Virgin TV Go

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Hi all,

I've been using Virgin TV Go on my laptop for a few years but this week I've been having issues.

Usually, when watching Sky Sports, TV Go redirects to a Sky Sports page where you log onto your Virgin account. From there it's just a case of clicking 'Continue' and a new Sky Sports window opens with your show.

However, this week every time the Sky Sports window opens, it shuts down a few seconds later.

I've tried everything, clearing cache, re-registering the device, re-installing the desktop player, etc. but no luck.

If anyone's got any ideas, it would be appreciated!


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Maybe try going direct to the Sky Sports app or website That's what I do.

Hi @feniss


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Sorry to hear about your TVGo issue, are you able to try the above from HavencroftKev please? Let us know if you're able to access when watching via here and we can investigate further if needs be.



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I have had the same problem this week and found this on Sky problem page and it worked for me.


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‎17 Jun 2022 10:20 PM

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Did you remove the hidden files and folders the desktop app uses:


- Uninstall the Sky Sports Player app

- Type 'run' in the search bar and open the 'Run' app

- Type in '%AppData%' and click 'OK'

- Delete the 'Sky Sports' folders

- Click back on 'AppData' and go into the 'LocalLow' folder

- Click on the 'Cisco' folder, then the 'VideoGuard' folder

- Delete the 'SKY_GB-SKY_SKYSPORTS' folder

- Restart you computer

- Download the Sky Sports Player app again

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Did you receive any help on this issue?  I have been having the same problem for months now.

No sorry your kind advice has not resolved the problem. I receive error script from sky when going into continue after verifying that the desktop content has been downloaded.

Hi sorry this hasn’t worked for you I trawled the net trying to find a solution when I came across this help on. Sky customer support site. It worked for me hence the post, and touch wood continues to do so. It’s so frustrating when it’s not working properly. Good luck

Hi @Pinky123

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Sorry to hear that the steps have not helped you. 

Can you confirm, do you have any access to Sky Sports via the website, rather than the app? 

Does this happen on multiple devices?

What error message do you see when trying to gain access to sky sports?

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